50K Hours Project

50K Hours Project

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Service is at the core of our mission. Ever since we amassed 90,000 hours of service during the year we celebrated our 50th Anniversary, we have pledged to amass 50,000 hours of community service every year. To achieve this, we involve our entire Chaminade Ohana: students, faculty, staff, alumni, board members and friends.

This web page allows participants to create their own customized page on which they can record and update their personal pledge and log their service hours. We will celebrate both the individual efforts as well as the collective efforts.

When: Participants can begin counting their hours each year from September 17 – September 16.
What: To celebrate our community service.
Who: Pledge 50,000 hours from CUH Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni, Chaminade Ohana and Alumni Serving Together (COAST)
Where: Community service happens everywhere! From soccer moms to elder care, we offer our services joyfully. We will also post information on group service opportunities.
How: Register your name today, make a pledge of how many hours you want to fulfill, update your log as you complete the service, and watch our service barometer rise!

For more information, contact Bro. Tom Spring at 440-4273 or tspring@chaminade.edu.